504plan - Minutia (Cover Artwork)


Minutia (2003)


504plan's 2002 release Treehouse Talk was one of those releases where you buy it at a show, deem it fairly original, like it a whole lot, realize that no one else knows who the hell they are, and selfishly hope that the band stays small scale (Denver In Dallas is next. Sigh...). With the release of this six song e.p., this Illinoisian 4-piece may be ready to step out of the shadows and into the light of intense scrutiny.

Minutia is noticeably less energetic and complex than Treehouse Talk. For better or for worse, the band's sound now resides somewhere in between the likes of Name Taken and Fallout Boy (which makes sense, seeing as how Fallout Boy lends their vocal stylings to some of the songs). The song structures are more melody-based and straightforward, which results in some very catchy songs such as "Breathing Deep" and "Talking In Circles". The strongest song, "Mall Madness', is what I had wished for the whole e.p. to be: faster, more technical, and far less lethargic than the other songs. Those of you looking for something more original may be slightly disappointed with the band's progression into just "another one of those damn emo-punk bands".

I have always loved the way Sean O' Keefe (Motion City Soundtrack, Spitalfield) produces an album, and this one is no exception. No one other than maybe Brian McTernan does drums better, as they come off sounding very punchy and loud, in addition to a very crisp and clear guitar sound. Lyrically, there's nothing mind shattering about it, with topics ranging from problems with girls to their love of music.

Overall, Minutia isn't that special, but could be worth a listen. 504plan is a band I'm sure you'll all be hearing more of very soon, and after one listen, I'll be damned if some of these songs don't get stuck in your head.