Since By Man - We Sing The Body Electric (Cover Artwork)

Since By Man

We Sing The Body Electric (2003)


This band should be popular by now, with a Le Shok mind-set, including contempt for the rule makers, loyalty to rule breakers, and bottles of black hair dye. If Since By Man existed in 1986 you'd see them with bleached locks to the middle of their backs, leather pants, and 'come hither' looks for the big-titted girls in the front row. They're just products of their era, and that time is nearly over.

The track "Death of Decadence" got numerous spins, but there wasn't a sequel. Their label even included it, and only it on the website. Come hither. Other songs seemed held together by the saliva from chewing a wad of bubblegum, and little else, and the music's not poorly played at all, but it's predictable enough you'll guess what's coming next, and usually be right. There are eleven dissonant anti-songs about giving up:

"Don't save me from the noose, don't save me from the sinking ships." Blah-blah-blah...

Plus the concert photos of this Milwaukee quintet show them being cra-zay, and holding their instruments aloft, as if in contribution to the same Gods of Rock & Roll they should be against by punk-cred default. They likely consider this album a step away from the norm (a more arithmetical take on punk than usual), and I might too, if I had been in a sealed chamber this past five years.

Don't be fooled thinking Since By Man wouldn't sign a major label contract in as long as it'd take you to fall asleep with this on "Fucking Loud" as the print on the disc tells you to play it.