Saturday Looks Good To Me - Saturday Looks Good To Me (Cover Artwork)
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Saturday Looks Good To Me

Saturday Looks Good To Me (2003)


This 3-song EP is not only a perfect representation of how fun Saturday Looks Good To Me's infectious life show is, it also serves as a debut of Polyvinyl Records' new mailorder-only EP series.

The packaging is simplistic but telling, with the cover art showing a tambourine hitting a girl's hip. The music within is as fun as that tambourine-hip combination, if not more so.

All three songs are more straightforward than those that graced the band's most recent full-length, All Your Summer Songs [review], mainly due to the recording process. These songs are, for the most part, stripped of all the sound effects and distortions that were on their previous effort, instead just being as cut-and-dry as 60's-esque pop songs can get [complete with kitschy horn lines and a harmonica popping up in "When You Go Out Tonight"].

These songs have been staples in the band's live show for the past year, and it's nice to finally have a recorded version of them, especially one that captures the excitement of seeing the band live. Just hearing the frantic guitar riff kicking off "Girl Of Mine" makes me want to get up and dance like it was the prom in Back To The Future all over again.

A worthy addition to your collection, and a great introduction to someone who has never heard of Saturday Looks Good To Me before. Plus, the CD is limited to only 700 hand-numbered copies, and will never be repressed, so get them while they're hot.