The Nerve Agents - Days Of The White Owl (Cover Artwork)

The Nerve Agents

Days Of The White Owl (2000)


Punk just refuses to die quietly for some people. I had a pretty huge Misfits/Black Flag/Circle Jerks/Rudimentary Peni/Flux of Pink Indians era in my life, but to me, it's over. O.v.e.r. Places like Gilman Street were once breeding-grounds for Green Day, the Mr. T Experience, and Pansy Division. Now they just encourage the recycling of a style that glorified dying young. Dying young! Hahaha. John Lydon (AKA the Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten) is a middle aged guy living at the beach in California (down the street from me, actually), and now enjoys suing people on television. Looks like one of the original voices knows the shit's dead.

The Nerve Agents just don't…care. They're gonna swab on the mascara, and sing about how screwed-up life is in Portland, Oregon. You see, it's "punk" to hate stuff. It's also "punk" to have these faux macho photos of your band rocking out at Gilman, or some place that looks strikingly similar.

Nowadays, punk bands make a living hating society. Non-conformism ready for you to purchase, when you get back from buying your Exploited t-shirt at the mall.