The Damned - Grave Disorder (Cover Artwork)
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The Damned

Grave Disorder (2001)


Few bands in the punk scene (or in any scene for that matter) have lasted quite as long or stayed quite as potent as England's infamous The Damned. From the speedy, catchy punk of "Damned Damned Damned" to the amazing masterpeice "Machine Gun Ettequette" and on to more gothic albums like "The Black Album", The Damned has always stayed fresh, original and always a blast to listen to and see live. So, after a prolonged hiatus from acutally recording (1985 till 2001), The Damned released "Grave Disorder" in 2001, which seemed to be a double whammy of older bands releasing new albums for Nitro (T.S.O.L.'s first album in 20 years was released at almost the exact same time). Needless to say, the band has still got it.

It's just as energetic and fresh as they were 25 years ago when they helped form the UK punk scene along with the Sex Pistols and The Clash, among others. Unlike most "new" albums from older bands on long hiatus, this album really feels as passionate (if not more so) than their earlier efforts, a real album and one of their best in fact.

There are numerous songs that I feel to be instant Damned classics- such as the amazing punk rockfrenzy "Amen", which challenges organized religion and features humorous soundbites from televangelists. The song "Democracy" is a melodic punk tune that attacks the hypocrisy and illegitimacy of American democracy. Other amazing tracks are the humorous "", the dark "Thrill Kill", and the melodic "Would You Be So Hot (If You Were Dead)." In my opinion the aforementioned songs rank right up their with songs like "Neat Neat Neat", "Smash It Up", and "New Rose".

It is truly amazing to see a band this vibrant and productive after being around for 25 years, and still keeping things independent and below the mainstream radar. Buy this album and the rest of the Damned discography, do yourself a favor. Definitely one of the best bands of all time.