A Small Victory - The Pieces We Keep (Cover Artwork)

A Small Victory

The Pieces We Keep (2003)


This one's from a skater band in Georgia that, according to their one-sheet, grew up in "a simple way", and got into punk rock...la-la-la-la-la. They eventually, by magic, drifted onto just the right combination of instruments to despoil a genre of music with an ease that comes from listening to what's already been ripped off and then ripping that off. Yes, you lads kept the Pieces all right. And now Sum 41 want them all back.

There really isn't much you can say about an album this devoid of originality or merit. Even the artwork in the CD looks like it's probably someone else's, and it's pretty sad what record labels waste money on in hopes of reaching into the wallets of kids trying to embrace some new music. Why, this is such an utter Piece of shit, that I'm not even gonna try it on the dumpster down the alley from my house for fear it might explode. If you see this album in stores calmly walk away and ask an employee to phone Hazmat.