The Skeptics - Right From The Start (Cover Artwork)
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The Skeptics

Right From The Start (2003)


Easthampton, Massachusetts's The Skeptics play a style of uptempo, somewhat-poppy punk that is extremely similar to the handful of bands that have used ska upstrokes early in their careers (Millencolin, Mest [Mo Money, Mo 40z era]). The one major difference is in the production, which sounds iotas better than the releases implied by those bands, especially when considering the album is self-released.

This scattering of upstrokes doesn't make for the most original of times on their debut full-length as the press release might make it out to be, but keeps things interesting and *fun* (I'm using this word lightly). Vocally, they mix two parts Nikola from Millencolin, and one part the backup singer from Midtown.

The band throws out a fairly varied number of themes, whether it be the metaphorically cannibalistic activities spoke of in "My Cannibal," grieving over a mistake in "Frail," or the most uptempo, raw number, "Matt's Song," an ode to a passed-on friend. "Bein' Friends" contains the pseudo-funk guitars reminiscent of Zebrahead's "Movin' On," and the two acoustic tunes also provide welcome departures from the mood.

"My Cannibal"
"Firing Squad"
"Playing Dead"

STREAM "Pass Away"
"Burn Your Script"
"Hard of Hearing"
"This Fight"