Tragedy - Tragedy (Cover Artwork)


Tragedy (2000)


I was off to Oslo to see a show, you see up here we got to really drive, not some whimpy one hour drive from San Jose to San Fransisco. I actually overheard some hc-kids at a Get Up Kids show in San Fran bitch about that actual drive.

We made a roadtrip out of it, and had a pretty good time driving hardcore through the misty mountains of Norway. I always buy some records whenever I'm in Oslo. Here in Bergen we don't have a ot of HC related shops. And the ones that can order them for you charge at least 25$ for 'em. It pretty much goes without saying that it's not very likley that I'd put up with that. Anyways we got to Oslo and got us some records. And out of the blue, floating like a...(no, I won't go there), comes Tragedy(drumroll, please). I'd heard it was a new project by the people behind such notables as His Hero is Gone and Deathreat. You can image my nervous exitement.

And then it hit me. How come noone have done this before? I mean there's nuthin' wrong with good old crusty HC, but this was different. Way different. Not that it's not grind, or crust if you like, it's just that it's so outofthisworldamazingly great. Crazy basslines, harsh vocals, angry drums, kickass guitars and frenzic breaks. Anyone into HC at all should run for their lives and get themselves this record. It will redifine your whole world view and give you a thing or two to think about.

Lyrics-wise it's in the good old Systemcritique vein; Just angry, screamed HC lyrics. "They won't have to burn the books, 'cause noone reads them anyway".

I've had it for a while now, and let me tell ya'. It does not wear out fast. I still listen to it every single godforsaken day. So get out there, hunt it down, play it loud and spread the word.

And pick up a book while you're at it, so they can start burning them again. That's a good thing. Isn't it?