Various - Punk 0 Rama 6 (Cover Artwork)


Punk 0 Rama 6 (2001)


Well, the sixth installment of the highly successful Punk-o-rama series is finally in stores. As with each one before it, it is a collection of the majority of the Epitaph bands. Most of the songs on this one are from new releases that are coming out sometime this year, along with these there are a couple of old gems, but this is mostly a new disc. Overall this isn't a bad album, most of the songs are enjoyable and catchy, very easy to sing along to after only a couple of listions. If you want to see whats in store for Epitaph over the rest of the year, or new to the punk scene i recomend this album, but if not, save your money and just buy the full lengths when they come out.

I think that my favorite songs on this comp where Hot Water Music "Jack of all trades" Bouncing Souls "True Beleivers" Millencolin "Blackeye" and Business "Takers and users" I just skip right to all of these songs and listen to them everytime i put this disc in. I'm really looking forward to getting the new Hot Water Music and Bouncing Souls now. Other honorable mentions go to Dropkick Murphys "the Gauntlet", Descendents "Original Me" and Osker "Strangled" I know that a lot of people hate Osker for some reason, but I love this song, I've been singing it in the shower for the last couple of days.

All in all this is not a bad comp, and if you have five bucks laying around go ahead and get it, but if your new to this series or punk, get Punk-o-rama 3 which is the best one.