This Runs Through - Until Forever Finds Me (Cover Artwork)

This Runs Through

Until Forever Finds Me (2003)


This Runs Through were one of the only standout metalcore bands around until their singer left to sing for Underoath, and that coupled with their bassist leaving broke the band up for good. We are left with this EP as their only release that shows just how good things could have been.

This Runs Through play melodic metal/hardcore comparable to a heavier version of Hopesfall. Spencer is the center of attention on this EP with his incredibly intense vocals. His scream is truely in a league of it's own. The guitarists use harmonics with a spiritual quality similar as said before to Hopesfall, adding metal technicality and a deeper tone to the mix. The mix on this album is a little muddy but it gets the job done. This lyrics and deeply personal and despite a few obvious references to christian faith, most anybody can relate to them. For a hardcore band especially the song structure is brilliant and everything meshes together well and is very well composed for a band that was so early in it's life.

It's a shame that This Runs Through never got to release their Facedown Records full length that was to be, but at least we are left with an EP that represents an incredibly strong effort from a band who put everything into what they were doing.