The VaGiants - Short and Hard (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The VaGiants

Short and Hard (2003)

Sin Klub

Okay, I'm not going to lie - I never planned on even listening to this CD. Ever. I have stacks of stuff that people have sent me for review, some of it dating back to 2002. Things that don't immediately catch my eye usually don't get listened to for a long time. The VaGiants fell into that category, with a terrible name and awfully predictable cover art. Why would I ever want to crack this case open?

Then today, I decided to get studious and plow through a bunch of stuff, just to sort it for other reviewers if nothing else. This CD somehow ended up on the top of the pile, and I'm glad it did. The VaGiants kick ass.

To best describe the VaGiants' sound, allow me to cut-and-paste from their list of influences: Influence1: Beer Influence2: the El Camino Influence3: 60s Garage, 70s Arena rock and 80s metal Influence4: Denim and Leather Influence5: More Beer Sounds like a good time? It is. This album is a half hour of balls-to-the-wall, down-and-dirty rock and roll with a powerful female vocalist fronting the group. Her voice is as soulful as Brandon from the Gadjits, if not moreso.

The music is sloppy and simple, but why would it be anything else? The VaGiants do what they do good enough to make me want to venture on up to their hometown of Winnipeg just to witness what I'm sure is a spectacle live.

The VaGiants aren't the best band in their genre, but they're definitely up there, in my book. Worth a listen, and then some.

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