Unwritten Law - Unwritten Law (Cover Artwork)

Unwritten Law

Unwritten Law (1998)


If you look up the word 'mediocre' in the dictionary, you'll see a picture of this cd. It sounds like it was written for a radio station. All the songs are predictable and trite, to say the least. Songs like 'California Sky', 'Holiday' (both of which I heard on the radio, and that is a rareity where I live), 'Genocide', 'Coffin Text' and "Teenage Suicide' are your run of the mill, up beat meldoic punk, with nothing special anywhere near them. Their singer sounds a lot like MxPx, and I do hear potential in their music, but nothing jumps out as a 'killer tune'. I did like 'Sorry', because of the beat change, catchy riff, and funny lyrics, but that's about the only song I listen to. Unwritten Law is one of the few punk bands in recent memory to try and go huge, but fail miserably. I would have rather seen this on the billboard charts than Enema Of The State, but I guess it lacks in the teenage girl fanbase area. Oh well, no skin off my back.