Number One Gun - Celebrate Mistakes (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Number One Gun

Celebrate Mistakes (2003)


This abum has everything that it takes to be huge with 16-year olds nationwide. 4 kinda good looking guys playing 11 tracks of slightly-better-than-average emo-rock. The rocking opening track is there. The slower "ballads" are interspersed throughout the album. The vocals are perfectly in tune. The lyrics are appropriately vague, for a reason - are they talking about girls or Jesus?

Oh yeah, this band is Christian. But it's so subtle, you'd have a hard time noticing, if it wasn't for the fact that this release is on a Christian-only label.

The whole CD leaves a bad taste in my mouth. This is just another sign of the Christian community trying to take a commercially successful medium with youth and adapt it to help spread their "message." When it comes down to it, this band is just the Christian version of Counterfit [but nowhere near as good]. There's no real point to this CD. It's simply white noise, neither good nor bad. I suppose if you're someone who loves this genre, but is looking for a more spritual interaction with the music, this is for you. Otherwise, pass.

Starting Line
On & On
You Fail Sometimes
Celebrate Mistakes