Black Print - Movement (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

Black Print

Movement (2003)

Quincy Shanks

This is it, right here. This is what the Midwest is all about. I'm proud of where I'm from, but at the same time, I know we're the armpit of America. Black Print has captured the angst of living in said armpit, and is lashing out with this, their 5-song EP on Quincy Shanks Records.

The band features members of John Brown Battery, The 4-Squares, and Last Day Parade, but don't expect your basic punk rock formula. The songs are well crafted melodic post-hardcore that bring to mind some of the best of their subgenre, like Small Brown Bike or perhaps the Ghost.

Vocally, the singer of Black Print sounds like he's been smoking since the womb, blasting lyrics like "Wash your hands off / my blood will stain" through his shredded vocal chords. You can't help but be affected.

This hits hard and hits deep. This is real. This is the dark side of Chicago, captured on a single compact disc. You owe it to yourself to indulge in Black Print.

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