Deadsure - From Your Head to Your Sacrum (Cover Artwork)
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From Your Head to Your Sacrum (2003)

No Idea

The first listen through this CD, I wasn't very impressed. It sounded to me like a more interesting version of Snapcase, with more melodic breakdowns. Now as I'm going through it again, I think I'm liking it more and more.

I definitely feel a Fugazi influence when I listen to it. Vocals range from speaking to shouting to screaming, but generally tend to remind me of Snapcase. The guy can't really sing, but hey, this isn't a requirement for hardcore. The bass lines generally follow a groove pattern that's accompanied by the drums (which I might add rip-it up). The drumming on this recording is near flawless. The beats are interesting, the fills are perfectly in time, and in general the drumming fits as a part of the sound as a whole instead of sticking out as accompaniment. My only problems with the musicianship is that the bass lines get tired after awhile when they're stuck in a groove, and the guitars don't amaze me with what they're playing.

The production on this record is decent. It's much better than a lot of stuff I've heard, but it doesn't make me say, "Holy Shit!" like other records. This hurts the guitars I think, as they sound too muddy at times for the harmonies they're trying to hit. Drums seem a bit quiet at times. Vocals are recorded really well.

And now, onto the song list:

track 1-The Best Stomachs- A good opening track. It starts out with a badass drum riff recorded fuzzy, then builds with the entire band coming it to break into a big hardcore rockfest about 30 seconds in. Again, the bass lines are neat, but get really old after awhile.

track 2- oh1/oh2- Decent track...but the bass line really gets boring. Highlights include a screaming of "She's got a little secret!"

track 3-High Maintenance- Starts out rocking, but seems blurry, too fuzzy. The vocals are spoken mostly during this song and that departs from it being good. Hightlight-stop time while the bass cranks out a true fuzz hardcore riff.

track 4-Fortune- This is a slower track. Starts out with a cool drum line at the beginning, but really, worst track on the CD. Really melodic, and doesn't do anything else...
track 5-I Am Southwest- My favorite track on this CD. It starts out rocking, and breaks down with an awesome bassline that isn't too repetitive while the guitars rock a sweet riff. When it breaks out hard, it breaks hard. This is what I call a "face-eater." This track will eat your face.

track 6-Never Chop Your Rope By this time, you've already heard what Deadsure has to offer, and all the songs start to bleed together. Has a cool palm-muting breakdown 6/8 time signature change for a few measures. After that, not much. Kinda reminds me of Hot Water Music at times, but a bad Hot Water Music.

Overall, I'm giving this CD a 7. It's good. In fact, it's pretty damn good. The only thing is is that it gets old (much like me telling you it gets old). I suggest this for people who are in love with Snapcase, but are too scenster to admit it, so they're looking for a more underground band to worship.