Creep Division/I Want Out - Split LP (Cover Artwork)

Creep Division / I Want Out

Split LP (2003)


An excellent split release from these two punk bands. The only qualm I have with this album is its length: despite being composed of 11 tracks, it only clocks in at just under 17 minutes. Nevertheless, in a time when watered-down so-called "punk" is the norm, records that feature two old school-style bands are few and far between, and therefore, must be embraced.

The first six songs included are from Creep Division – quite the super group, as it features Good Riddance frontman Russ Rankin (here on bass) and bassist Chuck Platt (on guitar), Joe Fish from Fury 66 (drums), and Sick Of It All bassist Craig Ahead (tackling vocal duties, quite well, I might add…) – and are all great, but go by way too quickly. This little sampling of what these guys are capable of definitely makes me want to pick up their s/t full-length that was released in 2000.

In any case, Creep Division play energetic, raucous hardcore punk and if the opener "17" doesn't get you going, I don't know what will. The following track, "Circle of Trust" is the true hardcore number, as it's slower and tougher, and just plain brutal. "Just Like Everyone Else" is one of the best: the guys start out with a slow intro and then break into ferocious, straight-up MDC-style thrash. At a mere 27 seconds, it's really just a short burst of noise, but what glorious noise it is. While we're on the subject of MDC, Craig's powerful vocals are reminiscent of the legendary Dave Dictor throughout their entire side of the split. The last of Creep Division's songs, "So Fuck You", is simply maniacal punk mayhem.

The second half of the record comprises five songs from I Want Out, which includes Chuck Platt once again, this time on bass. Although I consider the Creep Division side a bit stronger, I Want Out still deliver impressive punk in the old school vein that definitely grew on me with each listen. Tracks like "Another Day" and "Cut It" are the true standouts, and musically, the more melodic "Pull Up a Chair" sounds like a lost Screeching Weasel number. And EVERYONE knows that's a good thing…

Basically, if untainted hardcore punk is your thing, definitely check this split out.