Dillinger Four - Versus God (Cover Artwork)
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Dillinger Four

Versus God (2000)


After skimming through the various reviews I was quite suprised not to see D4, "Versus God" reviewed yet.

First off, I'm not the biggest fan of Hopeless Records. Most of their bands just don't appeal to my tastes, so I was naturally reluctant when someone first told me about D4. To be honest, I didn't really dig "Midwestern Songs of the Americas" too much. It was a strong album with some decent songs, but nothing for me to write home about.

So this brings me to "Versus God". Before I start, let me remove this size 11 foot from my mouth. This is in my opinion the best release of 2000. The album starts with 'Who didn't kill Bambi?', which sets off the album with crunching guitars and drum work that will have you stomping through the floor of your cheap ass apartment.

The 2 best songs on the album would probably have to be 'Last Communion' and 'Suckers Intl. Has Gone Public'. Both have that attitude and rock-out quality, that I, as well as many others look for in songs. I could go through and tell a little about each song, but that is a little too mundane. I think the best concept of the album are the samples used before and after tracks. This is some of the funniest shit I've ever heard. Everything from televangelists to video game excerts, it works as a great intro/outro to the songs.

To make a long story short, buy this album. Pawn something, steal something or do what you must to get the money, Just buy it...or you suck.