Whiskey and Co. - Whiskey & Co. (Cover Artwork)
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Whiskey and Co.

Whiskey & Co. (2003)

No Idea

There's no way to be witty about this. What we have here is a country band who sings about doing drugs. There's no apparent talent that shines through, no interesting moments, nothing that jumps out to grab you. I'm sure this CD would get great rotation on your local country station. I'm sorry, this CD is just not good. Every song sounds the same.

The difference between this CD and mainline country stars is that they generally have a nice quality to their voice (even though I can't stand the way country singers sing). The vocals on this CD aren't really on. Her voice is much too wavery and never really holds a pitch, like she's trying to sing country, but just can't quite cut it. The guitars play tired country riffs and basic chords. The bass plays cliché bass lines. The strings don't ever do anything special. Despite not knowing how to play the drums or string instruments, I could've written this album and played everything on it. That's how devoid it is of musical talent.

I mentioned ealier how the songs are all about drugs. Out of 9 songs, only 2 of them are devoid of references to binge drinking, cocaine, or marijuana. The lyrics from the last song follow every line with "get high tonight." The last line from the song is "Let's go down to Fifth and Tenth and buy some crack and smoke that shit. Snort some coke and do some pills 'cause I wanna kill myself." That's too bad you feel this way, and it's also too bad that you don't have anything better to write songs about.

The best part about this album is that it's short. There are only 9 songs and most clock in at 2 minutes or under. This CD just enforces why you shouldn't listen to country music.