G.a.s. Drummers - Dialectics (Cover Artwork)

G.a.s. Drummers

Dialectics (2003)


Third release by these Spanish lads, and on the third label so far. I guess this change is only a logical effect of the progress and change this band has undergone from their Californian styled "Proud To Be Nothing" on Slide Chorus to the more experimentally and socially pronounced "True Charm Of Bourgeoisie" on Wild Punk to finally, and with chirurgical precision, find the right recipe on their Bcore (a respected Indie label in Spain that released the regretted Aina amongst others) debut.

I guess "Indie" is the word here, as the Gasdrummers never before left their constructiveness and creativity roam free as much as on this particular release, which really gives the album a nice feel and reflects itself in the variety of these compositions. Having worked with one of the best Indie producers in Spain (namely Paco Loco whom worked with Steve Wynn and Australian Blondie amongst others) and actually having him partake in the recording aspect as "one of the guys" surely put its mark on this release that is nothing short of breathtaking at times. I totally dig the new style, that balances on how the fluid phenomenal hook-laden harmonious guitars work in symbiose with Dani's slightly altered more profoundly expressive vocals and the simply amazing and redundant arsenal of punkstyles these guys can effortlessly handle. The insightfull lyrics prove once again how punk and profound social and political awareness can and need to go hand in hand. This album has it all: Hardhitting bolsterous raging compositions (to be found in the third of their no frills song "No Frills Song pt.3" with a message that leaves nothing to the imagination: Kill The Pope), intense melodic parts that reflect rage, sadness, desperation and anguish in our modern society ("The Call"), and an experimental edge that gives the album a cunning and daring vibe (just listen to the rueful and soulful aspect of the ballad "Recreation Of Myths" with minimalistic instruments. Deftly done with breathtaking vocals). All this is set against an intelligent constructive frame of mind that induces a sense of self-awareness from the listener.

The gasdrummers prove yet again that they truely are one of the best indie punkrock bands around. I can't put it any more clear than that this CD rocks in every aspect. Even the artwork is mesmerizingly beautiful and provides the finishing touch to a spectacular album. The band has shaken off their influences and incorporated all of their music preferences to a tight knitting whole to create an album that truely reflects what the Gasdrummers are all about. Whether you like hardcore, melodic punkrock or indie rock, this album has got something for every one of us. I'll just hit repeat untill their next album comes around. Cheers!