Dillinger Escape Plan / The Locust - live in Tampa (Cover Artwork)

Dillinger Escape Plan / The Locust

live in Tampa (2004)

live show

Being a huge fan of Dillinger and having to wait a long time to see them live, as I missed them last time they came around like 3 years ago, I had huge expectations for this show. It delivered and then some.

The first band to play was an instrumental band that nobody seemed to be able to tell me the name of. They were a 2 piece, no vocals, just guitar and drums, and very interesting, unique to say the least, and because they were doing something different I will give them a little credit, although it got really old when they played basically the same 4 guitar lines and drum beats for 20 minutes.

After then LA's Your Enemies Friends came on. They were a pretty good indie band that reminded me alot of Pretty Girls Make Graves. I thought they were alright, and I enjoyed some of the music in the songs, but the vocals weren't really my thing and the singer had a really cocky attitude that didn't go over well with myself or the rest of the crowd. Good effort none the less.

The Locust came on next. I had never seen them live but their records seemed pretty boring to me, even given the incredibly energetic nature of the music. That said, I was impressed with their set and while they aren't a band I have really ever been able to get into, I enjoyed them live and I had fun watching them.

After a 30 minute wait for sound checks and light checks, Dillinger took the stage opening with Sugar Coated Sour. The band's energy was through the roof and I was in awe as they went through Under The Running Board material up to their new song they just recorded for the soundtrack. The thing about Dillinger is to add to the incredible musicianship and performance they have an absolutely spectacular light show that really sets the mood. I found it amazing how they could go off like they did and still play everything practically perfect. They played about 12 songs and their "new" singer(he has just recently recorded with the band, but he has been the band for 2 years now so I don't really consider him new) could pull off the patton stuff perfectly, not an easy feat. I can honestly say that his crowd interaction seemed more genuine then most, and he wasn't just passing the mic so he could take a breath or two.

If Dillinger comes to your town, I would suggest you take the chance to see them, as they rarely tour. Tonight at the show, I saw punks, metalheads, hardcore kids, even indie kids, all appreciating one band for their amazing talent. It's not hard at all to see why.

Setlist(not in order):

Sugar Coated Sour
Jim Fear
The Running Board
New Song
New Song
Baby's First Coffin
Hollywood Squares
When Good Dogs Do Bad Things
The Mullet Burden
4th Grade Dropout
43 Percent Burnt