Stretch Arm Strong / Comeback Kid / Evergreen Terrace - live in Huntington (Cover Artwork)
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Stretch Arm Strong / Comeback Kid / Evergreen Terrace

live in Huntington (2004)

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After recently moving back home to West (by god!) Virginia from the armpit of the nation, New Jersey, I was in deep need of something to cheer me up. Along came Cornzine and it's listings of shows in the southern WV area. Listed for the next show was Evergreen Terrace, Comeback Kid, Stretch Armstrong, and Beloved. After finding out that Beloved had canceled and was playing with some other, crappier bands out in California, I debated whether or not my presence at this show was needed, but my desperate need for non-family interaction won me over, and thank god it did.

First off, the Huntington YWCA is a pretty awesome venue. For those who have been to the First Unitarian Church in Philly, imagine that, only well lit. The sound was decent the entire night, and overall it was a good time. On to the bands!

Out of Nowhere opened us up. I wouldn't go as far as saying they were great, but they were pretty entertaining. It was your standard straight ahead punk, with occassional double bass and some softer parts thrown in. It wasn't really outstanding, but I enjoyed it.

Evergreen Terrace came up next. I was a little leary going into this, because of what I'd heard, I wasn't really a huge fan of ET, but I was soon taught wrong. They were intense. Powering through a set comprised of songs that I don't know the name of (except for their cover of Zero, by the Smashing Pumpkins), I really enjoyed them. There was a sense of intensity that I hadn't seen in a while, all the while whipping the kids in the pit into a frenzy of floor punches, windmills, and spin kicks.

Comeback Kid was described to me as "Bane, from Canada, with double bass". Well fuck, that description, while admirable and favorable, does them little justice. After ET's exhausting set, I awaited the Canucks, and they delivered. "Bringing the mosh" is one of the funniest phrases I've ever heard and it is the only accurate way to describe the set that CK delivered. The bass was pounding, the screams were epic, and the intensity was unmeasurable. Another awesome set.

Stretch Armstrong took the stage with a humbleness and grace that can only be won through years of being a mainstay and powerful voice in music. Stretch has proven themselves, even though their latest release was received with some less than ecstatic emotions. Anyways, their set was awesome. Opening up and immediately whipping the crowd into a floor punching frenzy, they started and never stopped. Actually, that's a lie. They stopped to remind us all to stay positive, to thank Out of Nowhere for opening, and to thank us all for "staying true" to hardcore and to positive music. It was awesome. I think that's about the only word for it. Ending with a massive sing-a-long, their set was fun and energetic the whole time.

To steal from the Cars, this show was just what I needed. I needed some positive, energetic music to dance and sing to. Hell, I didn't know the majority of the songs that night, but it was amazing anyways. I'm not sure if this is a traveling tour, if it's a one off shot, but I'd advise catching any of these bands any time you can.

As an addendum, I'd like to say thanks to Dana White and the Cornzine Productions crew for putting on this and other good shows for the WV kids.