Deviates - Time Is the Distance (Cover Artwork)


Time Is the Distance (2001)


The scene is the IC Ampetheatre in Pittsburgh, Warped Tour 2000, around 12:30 pm. My friend and I are standing near the front of one of the longest lines I've ever seen, with no flying pig to help pass the time. We can hear the band that's on stage, but no one around recognizes their songs. We finally pass through the gates, and imediately get 'that rush' when you first walk in. It's very early in the day. That's why I'm shocked to see a circle pit already forming to this band that I've never heard( and I kinda pride myself on hearing as many different bands as possible). They were playing fast and furious, and the crowd was going off. We were making our way to the smaller stage to see the Mad Caddies, but I couldn't help turning my head to see this unknown band. Mission #1 of the day, find out who they were. Soon enough, I would find out they were Deviates.

The scene is an incredibly small dorm room at the University of Kentucky. I had two things in my room that were worth a damn, my fridge, and my roomates computer. I was constantly downloading new music (back when Napster was legal), and constanly pissing my roomate off by taking up file space. I'm kinda burnt, so it takes me a while to remember bands I want to hear, but eventually, Deviates would pop in my mind. I typed it in, clicked a couple times, and about 10 seconds later(the best thing about a major university, besides the unbelivable amount of beautiful women, is the super fast network) PRESTO!, I had about 6 of their songs from their debut album, My Life. I was hooked. I like all types of punk, and all types of music for that matter, but my choice of all choices is fast, aggressive, abrasive punk rock. Deviates fit my taste perfectly. Songs like 'My Life', 'There for Me', and 'I Remember' were imediate favorites of mine. I looked everywhere in the city of Lexington, but I couldn't find the album, so I had to settle with listening to them through the computer.

The scene is an over priced music store. I was looking for a cheap cd to buy with the 20 bucks my grandma gave me for mowing her lawn. I wasn't having any luck, til I ran across this album. I instantly picked it up and ran to the register not even caring what the price was. After fainting due to the 18.99$ price tag, I woke up and sped home to listen to it.

'Time is the Distance' is the sophomore effort from Deviates. The first thing I noticed was the wicked art work. Greg Simpkins' paintings look like Salvador Dali's evil side. I notice something new everytime I look at it. Now, to the music. This album sounds like the Offspring and Pennywise got married, fucked, one of them got pregnant (most likely the Offspring), gave birth in painless labor, and named they're baby Deviates. Its fast for the most part, with the vocals sounding maybe an octave or two below Dexter Holland's, and the guitar neck deep in palm-muting fury, like Pennywise. The part that really stands out to me is Damien, the bass player. His licks seem to complete the sound. The lyrics on 'Time Is The Distance' are pretty dark and well written as well. However, this album kinda lacks the kick-ass, in your face tenasity that their older songs had. Some of the best songs are: the opener 'Come with Me', 'Right Back To You', which could easily be a Pennywise song, the title track, 'Profile' and the closer 'My Crime', which is an anthem for those of you who were pissed off about the Leftover Crack situation. The chorus chants "Fuck is a word that don't mean shit to me." Really clever, I thought.

I've been a little let down with most of the new releases this year (No Motiv, Mad Caddies, Alkaline Trio, H20), and 'Time is the Distance' falls into that category as well. It is fast and rockin', but I was ready for a kick in the teeth. All I got was a punch in the shoulder.