Glass Casket - We Are Gathered Here Today... (Cover Artwork)
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Glass Casket

We Are Gathered Here Today... (2004)


An afternoon chat with Satan...

Me: "Hey, what's goin' on man?"

Satan: "Did you just fucking call me 'man?'"

M: "Jesus, what's up your ass?"

S: "You did NOT just fucking say-"

M: "My bad. But really, what's your problem?"

S: "Oh, just little, stupid things. I mean, Bin Laden's done nothing just sitting on his ass. And I'm worried about the election. I swear on Hitler's grave, if Bush isn't reelected, I quit. It's like the world has gone to..."

M: "Heaven?"

S: "I guess."

M: "Hmm. You seem pretty bitchy today."

S: "I know. I sound like the 45,000 nü-emo bands I made to take over the world. I mean, if all that wasn't enough, I'm actually getting sick of my Slayer CDs. I completely forgot about my Cold War after I heard Seasons of Abyss back in the day, but now everything's just...blech."

M: "Really? I think I have a band for you then - Glass Casket. They're this pretty damn brutal hardcore band from North Carolina, and just put out a nine-song full-length."

S: "Tell me more."

M: "Well, they do a lot of the metal stuff that seems popular these days, but pull it off really well. It sort of reminds me of Bleeding Through sometimes, but then there's a tad bit of thrash thrown in there too. The vocals switch off between normal hardcore growls, Avenged Sevenfold-styled baritone screeches, and plain old death metal bellowing. And you know those crazy ascending/descending guitar riffs Every Time I Die started doing so well on Last Night in Town?"

S: "Yeah. I created those, you dumbass mortal."

M: "Oh. Well, they do those too a lot, but even then put a nifty variation on them."

S: "Nifty?"

M: "Uh, yeah...nifty. Really though, among a full-throttle atmosphere of chaos are these guitarists that are practically nomads in their fretboard exploration, this insanely varied drumming, and never a real positive moment. But that's what makes it so consistently cathartic."

S: "Alright, thanks for the tip. I think I'll have to check them out."

M: "Okay, I gotta get going. Take it easy."

S: "I have to go throw a suicide bomber into Israeli traffic during rush hour anyway. You too, man."

"Pencil Lead Syringe"