Leftover Crack - Mediocre Generica (Cover Artwork)

Leftover Crack

Mediocre Generica (2001)


This is already a pretty famous album, and to my knowledge it has not made it to any store yet. However, due to the wonders of the internet and piracy I found myself with a copy of 13 song album.

To those of you who have not paid any attention whatsoever, this album hasn't been published yet because of the offensive title and the pictures within. With song titles such as "Nazi White Trash", "Gay Rude Boys", and "Atheist Anthem"... I honestly didn't know what to expect.

The first song, "Homeo Apathy 9th & C-1" is a complete hardcore song, that reminds me of some of those stupid speed metal bands (to those who like speed metal - I meant to offend you). Thinking the entire album would be like that, I prepared for track two. I was very surprised to hear a ... well, a very odd ska type song in "Nazi White Trash".

The odd shit continues. The fourth track, "The Good, The Bad, and the LoC" sounds like a duet between the normal lead singers and.. Jello Biafra. Yes, I'm serious. There are some other good songs on there, "No Mercy" reminds me of a song that might come off NOFX's "Fuck the Kids" or "Surfer" (only with a bit more hard sounding vocals).

Listening to this album, this band... for the first time, I can honestly say it was like listening to a mixed compilation. Still, it's not bad and I give the music itself a 6. It would probabaly grow on me if I continued to listen to it. I give their sense of humor a 5, but I give them a couple extra points just because they're being censored, and as a punk I'm supposed to believe censorship is bad. Which I do.

Anyway, to sum it up - if you're a fan of the old Leftover Crack, you'll probabaly like this album. While I've never heard their old stuff, this album is very hard and not poppy (although very weird at some times), and so I can make the assumption their old stuff was like that too. Oh, and best song = "Interlude".