Henry Rollins - Live At Luna Park DVD (Cover Artwork)
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Henry Rollins

Live At Luna Park 📀 (2004)


"Punks" have very mixed opinions on Henry Rollins, some love the man (I am one of those) and some despise him for some reason. Yet, no matter what you think of his music, you cannot deny his talent as a spoken word artist. He recently released a DVD collection of his 1 month residency back in 1999 at the Luna Park theatre in Hollywood, shortly before the theatre permanently closed.

The DVD features a "best of" collection of his weekly performance's at the theatre along with a hilarious bonus feature called "Henry Rollins VS Iggy Pop" in which Henry discusses his friendly, yet intense fan boy rivalry with the godfather of punk himself. He goes off about how he played with Iggy on thre different occasions, once in 1992, 1994 and 1996. The first time he is all up to "blow Iggy off stage" cause he wants to show up his hero, and Rollins self deprecating sense of humor comes into play as he describes how Iggy Pop steals his show relentlessly through a psychotic, bloodied performance. The second time is similar in consequence, and Henry, charismatically accepts his defeat. Then, finally, on the third time Henry feels that he shows Iggy up at a show opening for Iggy and The Cure. He feels so until Iggy shows up onstage and completely annihilates the stage, breaking all of the Cure's flower pots and lighting. It is truly classic stuff to watch.

The main feature is a set of numerous topics discussed at the Luna Park - absolutely hilarious, in usual charismatic, psychotic Rollins style. If you are a fan of the man or good, intelligent comedy in general you should definitely purchase this very low priced and widely availible DVD. Oh, and catch him on tour right now, he should be or should have just recently, passed through your neck of the woods.