Weezer - The Green Album (Cover Artwork)


The Green Album (2001)



To begin with, let me say that Weezer is my favorite band. From the day i bought the Blue Album and listened to it repeatedly for days, to now with the release of the Green Album. Many may disagree with my thoughts here, but we are idividuals and most of us have a tendency to practice free thinking. Most of the people I hear belittling the Green Album were bigger fans of Pinkerton. i myself, being I can not stand emo, never really dug pinkerton. Sure, I liked Pinkerton, but it did not rock like the Blue Album. people will argue with me over this, but its my opinion. I got into Weezer through the Blue Album. It was rockin' and it was poppy, catchy even. This where Pinkerton let me down and many others that came to know Weezer for the pop.

Now with that peice of background, maybe you can see where I am coming from. The fanbase for Weezer grew out of the Emo kids getting into Pinkerton and started associating Weezer with emo, whcih Weezer themselves denounced. The Green Album was a return to what was working for Weezer in the begining, but at the sametime, bringing elements of Pinkerton into the songs. Where as lyrically, Weezer isnt as strong, musically, they again gained their rock back and are catchy all over again.

I was Disappointed however by the shortness of the album, its good to know that b sides are out there for the new album if you can find them(which I did) and the band has already recorded demos for 12 new songs. Regardless of your opinion of the Green Album, it won't be a long wait till a new one comes along.

In the end, the Green Album is still in my top 20 albums thus far, somethig Pinkerton did not make. So when looking at this album, look at which album you perfered. If you're looking for art, emotion, concept....go to your local music store and buy an album from a band within the stale scene refered to as Emo. If youre looking for fun, then appreciate the Green album and its attempt to make two sides happy.