Gunmoll - Board Of Rejection (Cover Artwork)
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Board Of Rejection (2003)

No Idea

Gunmoll's major virtue is the passion and conviction they put into their songs. The material that makes up Board Of Rejection may not be the most technically original, but it played with such unbounded enthusiasm that you never consider that while listening.

The Gainesville three piece's influences are typical of the No Idea sound, but that's a complement considering the bands involved. It's not a stretch to trace Gunmoll's approach back to the legacy of Leatherface, Husker Du and Pegboy. In more modern terms they're a cross between early Jawbreaker and Hot Water Music's later releases. The Jawbreaker comparison is frequently used with this band but it's important to qualify it, as it's become so trendy to namedrop Schwarzenbach's work that it's reference has lost all meaning. However unlike so many pretenders, Gunmoll truly reflects the feel of the rough, impassioned Unfun / Bivouac era of that band.

After hearing a few songs in the past I was unsure of Mike Hale's vocals. His commanding Waits-growl is somewhat surprising on it's own but in the context of the album his over the top energy is one of the record's charms. Instrumentally the band's become far tighter than their debut, with bassist Derron Nuhfer and drummer Jon Marburger more than matching Hale's vocal presence with equal fury. Thankfully the production captures this and Board Of Rejection comes off as an impressive sounding record.

I'm so tempted to use the word derivative to describe the band's approach but it carries a negative context that I'm not at all implying. This is derivative in the fact that it's influences are obvious, but those influences are so well assimilated and built upon that Gunmoll stands on their own.

This is rather good. Go get it.