Evergreen Terrace - Writers Block (Cover Artwork)

Evergreen Terrace

Writers Block (2004)


Finally, Evergreen Terrace's long awaited cover album is upon us, and it is amazing. 9 cover songs and a brand new song from Eulogy's most popular band. The covers on this cd span out pretty far for a hardcore band, from Operation Ivy, to the Smashing Pumpkins to HUM. To save one long paragraph that won't make much sense, I will go song by song.

1.Maniac-Remember that old 80's song from Flashdance? Yeah, they covered it. And it's actually pretty good. Evergreen Terrace's specialty is definitely covering songs, they gave the song a heavy hardcore vibe but it stil retains the original feel of the song. Overall this will make your parents either smile and remember the good old days or make them cry. Either way, 5/5.

2.Zero-A hardcore band covering the Smashing Pumpkins. Now that we have that novelty aside, this is probably I would have to say the weakest track on the CD. I'll give them credit because they translated it as well as they could but the song just isn't cut out to be this heavy. 3/5

3.Plowed-I'm not familar with the band Sponge but after hearing this song I want to. 5/5.

4.Stars-HUM have long since been regarded the influence of many hardcore bands such as Hopesfall and the like, so having one of their songs covered by a hardcore band i'm sure wasn't a problem at all for them. This is a great song and Evergreen Terrace did a good job with it, although I have to say the added breakdown at the end of the song is just a little confusing to me. 4/5.

5.Knowledge-This Operation Ivy cover is a short blast that clocks in a little less then 2 minutes and is definitely the funnest song on the cd. Except them to be playing this live at every show they have coming up (they played it last time I saw them about 6 months before the CD came out) as it's pretty hard to get tired of. 5/5

6.Mad World-The Tears For Fears cover gets my vote for best song on the CD. The emotion and dark/depressing mood of the song is still intact while ET give their own take on the song in general. 5/5

7.The Kids Aren't Alright-This Offspring cover isn't bad by any means but it never really grasped me at any time. It's probably the least interesting of the songs but regardless is still very well done. 3/5

8.Sunday Bloody Sunday-This U2 cover is rerecorded from their first release on Indianola, and still holds up quite well to the other songs. Great cover, although I prefer the older version more then the rerecorded one. 4/5

9.Dying Degree-I can honestly say i'm not a big NOFX song but this one is pretty fun to listen to, and a good way to end the covers section of the cd. 3/5

10.Brave Reality-The only ET track on the cd is a step above their earlier material, mixing the hardcore parts with the melody alot better then in the past. This song reminds me of "Dear Livejournal" off their second full length chorus wise. Great song, makes me want to hear the new record, and the secret track that follows it is fucking hilarious.

All and all this is definitely worth the money to pick up if you're a fan of more then 1 or 2 of these bands or an Evergreen Terrace fan, and nonetheless it's an interesting listen in general.