The Casualties - On The Front Line (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Casualties

On The Front Line (2004)


Hello readers. I know you came here expecting a review for the new Casualties album, "On The Front Line," but I have something even better. My associates have retrieved the one and only copy of the journal the band members kept during the recording and writing of the album, enjoy!


7:00 am-Got up to style hair, talked about who we saw at the supermarket the other day. I believe hairstyles are important part of being in a punk rock band, if you ain't sportin' the liberty spikes ya might as well be listen' to The Dashboard Confessionals, or whatever shit ya kids today are passin' off as the punx. I get sick to my stomach every time I see these bands we're on Warped Tour with, those fashion obsessed little fucks don't know anything about upping the punx, it's a shame. They're more concerned about fashion than the music! Someone used all my conditioner, now my hair has no volume, I can't work under these conditions!

3:00 pm-Finished with hair, working on the musix. Wrote the songs "Intro" and "On The Frontline" I wrote these songs after I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and the cheese tasted funny, you can hear my anger in the lyrics. You may think the repeated screaming of "Casualties Army!" and "on the frontline" is about the events in the world. You couldn't be more wrong. This is about taking a stand against substandard dairy products. Up the quality! The song "Leaders of Today" was originally going to be used in a training video for future Denny's managers. The repetitive shouting reflects the struggles of the common man against the astonishing lack of random shouting we see in society. It's time we took a stand! We wrote "Tomorrow Belongs To Us" because being the leaders of today isn't an easy goal to reach, so in case that falls through we added this one. Notice that the chorus sounds identical to all the other choruses, this is meant to reflect unity. Up the unity!

5:00 pm-Rented Punky Brewster on DVD at the local Blockbuster. This documentary has clearly changed our lives. The way it portrays a young girls struggle in the male dominated world of punk rock is a true inspiration. What? It's a kid show? No, it can't be because, you see… Ah fuck!

7:00 pm began writing music. Before we began writing I wanted to incorporate some Latin rhythms and some sound manipulation, but our spiritual advisor informed us that this wasn't the punx, and that those fucking pussies in Mercury Voltas or whatever fucking do that shit. Our hair is better. So with that out of the way we decided that we'd play the same chords really fast, and that would carry our message. I'm sick of getting albums with songs I don't like, so I had a great idea. We'll make all the songs sound the same, this way it will be like one really long song. I'm a genius.

8:00 pm I made some vegan pork chops for the band. Since we were short on time we had our picture taken for the album's cover right after we ate. As you can see, half the band is suffering from indigestion, while the other half is so full they could barely stay awake! Up the Maalox!

I hope you enjoyed this look into the writing process of this band, maybe this will give you new insight when you hear the album.