The Pine - The Pine (Cover Artwork)

The Pine

The Pine (2002)


In a time where cookie-cutter, bandwagon jumping acts are multiplying by the hundreds each day, It's difficult to find a record that just puts you in that certain state anymore. You know, where you just have a complete loss for words...a record that gets you out of that ever so deep punk/hardcore rut. Well, for me this is it.

Bakersfield, Ca's the pine have been around since 1998 and although thats not a long time together, they have been an incredibly prolific band. Just randomly releasing anything and everything, and playing shows from dirt parking lots to bars. And though much of their stuff is out of print, the true gem lies in their self titled record which combines the bands first 7" and LP.

To describe their sound...well, take Husker du, Smashing pumpkins and early Samiam (NRA days) add a noisy, melancholic and much more melodic twist and there you have it...almost. But my description dosen't nearly do this band justice...there is just so, so much more to this record than anyone could ever write. So I'm gonna cut it short...I know how some of you like the long reviews but I'll just get to the point. This IS the record if your just bored with the armies of bland hot topic warriors polluting scenes far and wide. Where musical pride and dignity and a true appreciation for real independent music and press is still commonplace. One of the best records I've ever owned.