Sonic Boom Six - Turbo (Cover Artwork)

Sonic Boom Six

Turbo (2003)

Moon Ska Europe


Sonic Boom Six may appear to be your typical ska-core band playing a mix of politically and socially aware songs but they are so much more. They set themselves apart from the horde of other bands in "the scene" by not playing bland and repetitive hardcore. They are not only being original, mixing forms of hip-hop and ragga into their music, but are also brimming with talent and natural diversity which creates a form of ska-core that can appeal to more than just Household Name fans.

The EP opens with ‘Blood For Oil', a track that is simply fucking amazing. This is exactly what bands should aspire to, a solid tune with vocals that are catchy and hook-laden whilst still having the integrity of a punk band. This song is well worth downloading off of the Sonic Boom website, (for all of you mp3 junkies out there click here ). Up next comes the far more subtle ‘People Ack Like They Don't Know': Despite being slower and more gentle it is certainly no less powerful than the first. It demonstrates that Sonic Boom Six are one of those few bands around these days who recognise the fact that a song doesn't need to be played at an extremely high tempo to be good. And yet when the slow parts lead into the fast sections it is perfectly executed in a style representative of the band's skill as well as the EP's impressive production.

Track 3; ‘The Devil Made Me Do It', leads in with saxophone playing reminiscent of CapDown. At no point though does it become tedious as it carries the Sonic Boom touch. Therefore each verse although different to the last in vocals and style is perfectly woven into a catchy chorus that Sonic Boom Six are so capable of producing seemingly time after time. The EP ends on ‘Silent Majority'. Think of a punk ‘Rage Against The Machine' with a banjo being the main focus throughout the verse. Needless to say, it works very well and produces a song that has you physically grooving along through both the fast and slow patches.

Overall, this EP is a very exciting release from a band that I have not heard much from before. I have to say though, UK label Moon Ska are onto another potential winner and I'll be watching out for more from this band in the future.