Choking Victim - No Gods / No Managers (Cover Artwork)

Choking Victim

No Gods / No Managers (1999)


Who ever bought the Compilation "give 'em the boot" from Hellcat Records, may have been in for a shock; not a lot of punk rock.

However track 18 by Choking Victim, INFESTED, was somewhat of an unreal song, in gods eyes. You can't really sing along to this because no one in the world has a voice like that of CV. it actually sounds like a Choking Victim, and it is so good, I think I love it.

The only full length album these guys produced, No Gods / No Manners, is just as awesome. the title track 500 Channels, should really be the Earths International Anthem, and should be sung at least 5 times daily. other songs that are just as good, In my grave, Fucked Reality, In hell, Five Finger Discount, are godsent, to stimulate ones ears. Not one song sounds the same, each so unique and beautiful with a blend of punk, ska, and reggae, but at the same time so dark and gothic, probably to illustrate their religious views. but all in all each song is a hymn of enlightenment.

Any true punk rocking idiot, would love and cherrish this album, and treat it like it were their own child, get it now, or you will be sorry when you finally do that you didnt listen to me when i said get it now....