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Desperado (2003)

Dead Letter

Imagine, if you will, your favorite parts about Refused. Now take your favorite parts from the Blood Brothers. Mash them together. Now, fusing together Refused's now-patented brand of politically-charged, innovative hardcore with the Blood Brothers' oh-so-sassy style of the same might not seem to work in your mind, and to be honest, it didn't work in mine either. But when I listen to Desperado's debut EP over and over [and over and over again], it's the best comparison I can come up with.

In short, this shit rips.

Desperado is a Norweigan quintet doing what comes naturally - making loud, abrasive music that is somehow dancy, and rebelling against what is known to be "right" through lyrics such as this:

"Being paid in pocket change
seems to be enough to keep us away
bring bored overrun our need for a change
We are the mindless workers
we are the mindless spenders
we act as a blueprint of their wildest dreams."

The band's intensity is matched only by their intelligence, and amazingly, their wit. The liner notes to the EP include lists such as "5 good reasons to be in a do it yourself hardcore band" and "1 good reason to not be in an emo band" [that reason being "You don't have to release an emo recording"]. It's nice to see a band taking the heavy issues that bands like Refused covered but still retaining their sense of humor.

I'm really not sure of what else to say here anymore. If you like Refused, check this band out. If you like the Blood Brothers, check this band out. If you like innovative hardcore at all, check this out. There's a new sheriff in town, and his name's Desperado.

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