Still Life Projector - Never Look Back (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Still Life Projector

Never Look Back (2003)


Running the much worn-out route of emotional punk á la a less melodic, less complex Juliana Theory in their early days, Still Life Projector can drop the marathon act and start a sprint if they want to.

They've got the goods to something different, but aren't currently putting them to use. Electronic effects like a static-induced keyboard are underused, and even the rare amounts of "growling" that they use are fairly unnecessary. The near-falsetto vocals gives the sound a soft atmosphere, but put against a background that's Pro Tooled the shit out of, giving it this pseudo-sappy feel, and as a result, somewhat boring.

This EP shows SLP doing several things that can be done well, but it's not being done here.

"Never Look Back"