Poulain - For Passengers (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick


For Passengers (2003)


This EP is gorgeous. Singer/songwriter Isaac Lekach gives us a brief view of his world in For Passengers, a soothing indie rock ride. The guitarist is backed up by a band that lets him shine through, a band that includes Andy LeMaster (who also appears in Bright Eyes recordings). None of the parts are overpowering, they are simply flowing layers and textures that allow his melodies to sit on top. You will dig this if you like Bright Eyes, and even if Conor is a bit over-dramatic for you, don't fret because Isaac has a mellow baritone voice and has a more laid-back attitude on life and love. I was quite surprised at how good this EP was and wished I had gotten it out of this stack sooner.

"All You Are" … "is beautiful" states the song, and the song itself is beautiful, with reverb-soaked guitars and an atmospheric vibraphone part that is showcased during a section of purely vocals (at least three parts) and vibes. This is my favorite track.

"Wide Awake" is a bit more up-tempo but not extreme; it is a mellow pop song that sounds a bit like The Cure, in part to the jangled guitar and the sustained keys in the background."Completely Uninterrupted" and "For You to Decide" are also good tracks, with more of the acoustic guitar, dreamy background layers and beats that will make your head nod, but not thrash wildly.

I guess my only gripe would be that I either need more songs or perhaps more development within each song. The total time is only 10 minutes- the first two tracks are right around 3 minutes, while the third and fourth tracks barely reach the two minute mark. This would not be so strange for a punk EP, but a bit odd for this style of indie rock.

If you're in the mood for a well-orchestrated, mellow indie sound, look no further- but hopefully they come out with a full length soon because this is too much of a tease.