Jupiter Sunrise - Under A Killer Blue Sky (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Jupiter Sunrise

Under A Killer Blue Sky (2003)


Jupiter Sunrise plays an alternative pop-rock / power-pop hybrid that is quite solid and catchy, but often lacks a needed emphasis in the 'power' department. They take bits and pieces from a Pixes-Weezer-Ozma timeline without making it too obvious. The music itself is well-executed and well produced in itself, but never strays from a self-inflicted formula. The choruses get a bit repetitive with songs averaging over four minutes apiece, and overall the disc doesn't leave the greatest of lasting impressions. There is good harmonizing for many of the songs as well, though.

The rotating vocalists provide welcome changeups to the sound. While one singer has a voice perfect for the power-pop genre, the other vocalist has an odd, almost Bob Nanna-like quality to his.

There is a definite geek rock influence which causes an occasional cheese factor overdose, like in "Super X-Ray Vision;" "I know a policeman / he carries a gun / he has superhuman strength / he lives in the sun." Otherwise, the lyrics can get very personal at times, with a handful of both anecdotes and specific names. "Arthur Nix" is a likely radio staple, with its dirty chords and head-swaying melody.

The artwork is very Coheed-ish, with foreign symbols, spacey graphics, and strange earth tones splashed on.

Overall, it's not a bad album per se, especially for a debut, but it needs a couple more enthralling moments and attempts at keeping the listener's attention intact.

"Arthur Nix"
"September Girl"