The God Awfuls - Next Stop Armageddon (Cover Artwork)

The God Awfuls

Next Stop Armageddon (2004)

Kung Fu

The God Awfuls are pissed. Hey, but can you blame them with the state of the world today? Yeah, didn't think so. Well, out of this dissolution and frustration comes some fun, rebellious, upbeat punk (mostly) in the vein of River City Rebels and Madcap (see the opener "Disconnected Youth", "Power Animal", "East Side One" with its great vocal harmonies, and the anthemic "Orion").

However, there are some offerings that differ from this formula, like the absolute standouts "Calling", a super-fast, raucous hardcore punk rallying cry to get our voices heard, the tough, unrelenting "Sister", the frantic "1979", and the equally hectic "Watch It Fall". Some, including "Tonight", "N.R.A", and "No Angels" are more reminiscent of Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards or The U.S. Bombs.

On the lyrical front, it's hard to find fault with The God Awfuls' logic. Take, for instance, "Power Animal", on which they sing, "They're selling flags and spinning lies/While sending someone else's sons to die." This statement is so true. And what about the rabble-rousing, fist-pumping sentiments of "Watch It Fall": "We are the ones with the power to devour one and all/Tear down the old foundation brick by brick and watch it fall" – but then again, how many times have these words been sung in one form or another, amounting to naught?

If these guys are sincere in their messages or just following the latest trend of voicing dissent, is open to debate. In the meantime, you might as well just give in and rock out to the 13 blistering tracks on 'Next Stop Armageddon'.