Black Cross / Squirrel Bait / Red Nails - live in Louisville (Cover Artwork)

Black Cross / Squirrel Bait / Red Nails

live in Louisville (2004)

live show

This show was amazing.

First of all, it was completely free. After starting about an hour late, Red Nails started the show. Rob's (from Black Cross) wife plays drums in this band, and proceeded to play with her wedding gown on. She had her dress hiked up to her knees so she could play. It was quite a sight.

They played a short set, and then Rob (still in his tuxedo) was blindfolded and brought out of the room, awaiting a surprise of sorts. Then, Peter Searcy took the stage with three other people where they set up their instruments with a gong. Rob was brought back into the room, and the gong was sounded, bringing a smile to Rob's face. He took the blindfold off to reveal a reunion show of sorts by Squirrel Bait on stage, which was sort of a special treat by his wife for his wedding. They also played a short set, and Peter Searcy gave an emotional speech to Rob and how much he means to Peter.

Finally, Black Cross took the stage with Rob still in his tuxedo. Rob took off his tux jacket, only to display his sleeveless tuxedo shirt. He told the audience it was a rental, but that he got insurance so it was okay. Black Cross then played through an amazingly emotional yet short set, with both Rob and Ryan Patterson talking about their family being there, and how important it was that they wanted to share it with them.

All in all, it was an amazing show, not to mention once in a lifetime.