All State Champion - Is It Nothing To You (Cover Artwork)

All State Champion

Is It Nothing To You (2004)

Five One, Inc.

Because of their loyal fans and sold out show across Canada, All State Champion was able to fund the recording of its first full-length, Is It Nothing To You. With an EP already under their belt, and a growing fan base, the band caught the interest of Five One, Inc.

When you put this album in, the first thing you'll notice is stellar writing. While most of the songs are about lost love and regret, the band finds a way to make these topics interesting and listenable. Usually, I almost always stop listening if I can tell the music is going to be some sort of emo hybrid, but I'm glad I didn't with this release. The music is fresh, crisp, and enjoyable.

The guitar work on this album is some of the best I've heard in a while. Daniel and Tim are truly masters of their craft, and because of their playing, they give All State Champion a distinguishable sound that makes it easier to notice this band amidst the sea of post punk and indie bands in the scene today. The guitars are metallic, chunky, and are ultimately the driving force of the intensity showcased on this album.

If you're looking for a band that takes the general characteristics of intense, driving indie rock and post punk, and completely makes them their own, then All State Champion's Is It Nothing To You should be on your list of future purchases.