Toys That Kill - Flys (Cover Artwork)

Toys That Kill

Flys (2004)

Asian Man

Even though Toys That Kill have successfully released two full lengths by themselves, this EP from Asian Man Records was my first dose of this San Pedro group, which formed from the ashes of FYP. In a nutshell, their music sounds like an updated and revamped version of a more "classic" punk sound. Within these four tracks, you'll hear abrupt tempo changes, metallic and chunky guitars, and anthemic choruses.

Musically, each song has a life of its own. While each track has an underlying sense of aggression, Toys That Kill isn't afraid to slow things down when necessary, like on "I Am the Fly", which is arguably the best track on the EP. While the lead singer has a very distinctive voice, at times he also sounds slightly like Beck and Blue Meanies' frontman Billy Spunke.

Overall, this is a very impressive EP. It features four tracks from a band that given the right exposure could be huge. If you're sick of the generic assembly line of Hot Topic mall punk bands to come out recently, definitely give Toys That Kill a listen. They're innovative, original, and just plain great. You won't get bored with this band.