Blueprint 76 - Into The Flames (Cover Artwork)

Blueprint 76

Into The Flames (2002)

Broken Spoke


Back in February of 2002, Royce Nunley announced his departure from The Suicide Machines. Me being an incredibly huge fan of TSM for years, I was really upset, as Royce is one of the better bassist in the scene today. Not 3 months passed when I discovered he formed a new band called Blueprint 76, and already had an EP coming out entitled Into The Flames. I got my ass on I-55, and headed towards the Fireside Bowl to check them out, and pick up the release.

Track one: "Counting The Days"- very pop-a-rific catchy love song. Not too original, but good enough to have you singing along after a few listens.

Track two: "Chapters"- My personal favorite of the EP. A song about the end of a relationship, with the simple (again, catchy) line in the chorus: "Our chapter was only a page... we're living in the pages of yesterday".

Track three: "Into The Flames"- Seems to be a song about getting away from everything. Just like the first two tracks... catchy as hell.

Track four: "Broken Bones"- the heaviest song on the disc, yet my least favorite. Still... catchy (no surprise, huh?).

Track five: "Somehow Someway"- great song about abandonment, and feeling sorry for yourself... but in a good way, I guess.

Hidden track: "One Step Away"- another great poppy song about friendship. "I'm stranded again. I can't believe this mess we're in again. One step away, one step behind you all the way." And reminiscent of personal experiences "we've been through thick and we've been through thin... I hope we go through it all again."

Overall, it's a standard pop-punk release, that I'd most likely compare to the poppier songs of The Suicide Machines ("Permanent Holiday", "Scars", "Islands", etc.), and I'd recommend it very much.