Benny - Our True Intent is All For You (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Our True Intent is All For You (2003)

Boss Tuneage

Never is there a better time to start a silly punk band then your late 20s/early 30s. Readers, this is Benny. Benny, readers.

A goofy skate punk style makes up the meat of Benny's sound, but they also throw in a slight dose of melodic hardcore for good measure. Their sound definitely reminds me of something Fat Wreck would put on their Pink & Black label - hell, the 8-second long "Hey" would make a perfect addition to the next volume of Short Music For Short People. It carries significant indications of earlier Snuff, but with an occasional Smoking Popes-esque lounge influence on the vocals which also evoke a heavy British accent, revealing the location of the band's homeland.

A serious moment is a rarity. Whether it be the Sex Pistols reference in the opening track that harkens back to the band's days of yore during winter vacations from school with a resounding "hip hip hip!," or the truly screwy version of "Kumbaya" later in the disc, all the jokes Benny crack are inside - so I don't think their true intent is for our delight. These little jokes won't evoke a ton of humor for the listener, but at least you know they're having fun. Plus, the liner notes contain short but descriptive meanings of each song instead of lyrics to try and shed some light on each track.

Their style is pretty overwrought as it is, but it would slide into the late spot in a CD rotation nicely for drunken times at your next party.