Get Fucked - Get Fucked (Cover Artwork)

Get Fucked

Get Fucked (2004)

Level Plane

Recently bands have been stripping down to a more basic sound or incorporating vintage equipment in order to create something that is closer to the heart of rock and roll instead of pro tools created, super clean, artificial sounds. It seems that this attempt at a more raw sound is what Get Fucked was going for on their new CD. I was hoping that like their label mates, Hot Cross and Books Lie, Get Fucked would be able to make hardcore more barebones and innovative, but things didn't work out that way.

Get Fucked strips down their sound by cutting out the technicality in their music and the melody in their vocals which merely results is a massive noise. The guitars are so heavy and thick that they often drown out the drums and almost all the guitar parts simply consist of playing chords as fast as possible. The guitars aren't the only thing that helps create Get Fucked's wall of sound, there are also the vocals which are mixed extremely low and are so heavily distorted that it becomes difficult to distinguish them from the rest of the noise the band is making.

Get Fucked get points for their intensity and sheer relentless energy that is present through out this release. That relentlessness however leads to redundancy. There are no breakdowns or even leads in the songs and they leave you waiting for a change that quite often doesn't come.

Get Fucked may be derivative, repetitive, and lack a sense of originality, but it seems like that is what they were intending to do. So if you want hardcore that is fast, heavy, abrasive, and straight to the point then this release is for you, but if you are looking for something a little more innovative you'll need to turn somewhere else.