Moneen/The Reason/The Fullblast - live in Burlington (Cover Artwork)

Moneen / The Reason / The Fullblast

live in Burlington (2004)

live show

There is no better feeling in the wolrd than seeing a small local band, start to make their way up, get signed to a respectable indie, gain popularity nation wide, and return home to the scene that nurtured them and put on an amazing show. This was the case with Moneen playing Burlington's Music Centre.

We got to the venue a little late and missed the first two openers, The Junction, and another band whos name evades me at the moment. Luckily, we did arrive in time to see local favourites The Fullblast. How this band is not yet signed is beyond me. With ridiculously fast drums, tight guitars, amazing vocals, and one of the best bass players around, these guys rocked the living hell out of everyone watching them. They play a brand of fast yet melodic punk not unike fellow Canadians Belvedere and Propagandhi. They played old favourites like "Jerk Circus is For Jerks" and "Lee Majors, Now There's a Man in His Prime", as well as a bunch of new ones to support their long awaited full length. The Fullblast were amazing and the crowd obviously loved it. 9/10

Next up, Windsor On. natives The Reason. I hadn't heard or seen anything from them since changing their name (and musical style) from pop punkers Sewing With Nancie. The first song they played blew me away. It was an amalgamation of the sing/scream vocals that we hear so much of today, but with that same driving, fast punk rock in the same vein as The Fullblast. The crowd was into it right away, singing word for word as the singer held the mic out to them. They played a really energetic and enjoyable set, and the crowd loved every bit of it. I didn't know anything from The Reason before tonight, but I guarantee you myself, and many others, will be looking into this band. 8/10

Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for. MONEEN. The guitarist from The Reason said it best when he asked the crowd if they were ready to see Moneen. When they responded with a huge cheer he said, "No you're not, they're gonna rip out your assholes and blow you all away." They came out to huge fanfare and got right into things and had the crowd singing every word with them. They tore through songs like "Are We Really Happy..." "The Best Way to Show Your Love..." "With This Song I Will Destroy Myself", "Tonight, I'm Gone" and "Life's Just Too Short, Little Ndugu". This band plays with so much energy nad passion and honesty, that is impossible to not enjoy them. As the set came near the end, the lead vocalist, Kenny, said something not to different from my opening statement. He said something along the lines of, "This may sound cheezy, but to tour all around the world and play in front of people who dont give a shit, and to come home to a room full of people who care about us this much is the most amazing feeling in the world." With this sentiment passed, and only a few songs left, the crowd went off the wall. They finished things up with "Passing of America" and "Start Angry...End Mad". When the latter was finished, while the band continued to go nuts on stage, Kenny threw off his guitar, and hopped off stage, and started hugging everyone around him. This sight alone was enough to put a smile on anyone's face, it was so genuine and heartfelt, you could tell that this night every single person, band and fans, were having an unbelievable time. When returning to the stage to chants of Moneen, they timdily remarked, "We can't play any more songs for you guys, we broke everything. Thanks so much" and with that, the night was over. No one could have asked for more. Fantastic openers, and one of the greatest live performaces I have ever seen to date. Even those who aren't huge fans of the music, don't ever pass up an opportunity to see Moneen live. 10/10