Evergreen Terrace - Writer's Block (Cover Artwork)

Evergreen Terrace

Writer's Block (2004)


Lemme start by saying: I like Evergreen Terrace – this is usually how your typical fan bias review starts… right? I loved their covers of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" (I prefer the original recording rather than the new one) and "Enjoy the Silence" so I was expecting a lot from this CD. A lot of the times I'll even say Evergreen Terrace is at their best with those covers, so this CD seemed like it was going to be their hella best work.

Well was it? No. Even though it seems like an obvious thing for a cover album to be a gimmick; this one is just way too "gimmickie". The selection of songs to cover is lackluster – not cheesy or even original and this shows. Tracks like "Zero" (Smashing Pumpkins) and "the Kids are Alright" (Offspring) are typical lets make this song heavy and throw in growl vocals to make it hardcore.

Is there any hope? Yes! They cover Operation Ivy's "Knowledge", which at first listen I didn't like but after another chance won me over. Also going on the positive side is their "Dying Degree" (NOFX) and "Maniac" (Michael Sembello) covers.

Another good note is the one original song on the album – really good. This isn't a terrible album, it just sounds like they half assed 9 covers and sent it to Eulogy. I say give it a couple of listens if you've liked their previous covers.