Good Riddance - Operation Phoenix (Cover Artwork)

Good Riddance

Operation Phoenix (1999)

Fat Wreck Chords

Sure it has been a little over two years since "Operation Phoenix" first hit the shelves of record stores everywhere (well at least independent record stores) but I figure with the upcoming release of "Symptoms of a Leveling Spirit" now is as good as time as ever to give a review of Good Riddance's most recent full length.

This is simply put, in my opinion a must have for anyone who considers themselves a fan of hardcore punk rock. The album kicks off with a short exerpt from a Martin Luther King Jr. speech and then blasts straight into "Shadows of Defeat". For the next half an hour, give or take, this album proceeds to rock you like only Good Riddance can.

This album has everything from melodic style punk to straight up bruising hardcore. Russ' deeply personal lyrics in songs like "The Hardest Part", "Self-Fulfilling Catastrophe", and "Letters Home" are simply amazing. Topics range from lost love to depression and feelings of alienation, to political views and several of the songs deal with the horrors and atrocities of War.

They even throw in a cover of Batallion of Saints "Second Coming" and the secret track is a cover of "My War" by Black Flag. Is it just me or does Russ' voice sound alot like Henry Rollins on this track? It's sort of scary.

Even though this album is over two years old I still listen to it constantly and I can only hope that their upcoming release gets even better. If you like hardcore or good fast melodic punk rock, then I strongly urge you to go out and grab this cd.