Laymen Terms - 3 Weeks In (Cover Artwork)
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Laymen Terms

3 Weeks In (2004)

Suburban Home

I just can't figure out this band. The first track "3 Weeks In" is a slower, more experimental rocker reminiscent at times of The Mars Volta type breakdowns with dissonant guitar work. The chorus sounds Incubus-ish. The vocals are unique and pleasing after you get used to them. Overall, not a bad track, but nothing that really grabs me.

Next is a piano laden cover of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." Never a huge fan of the song (I just prefer Lennon's writing to Harrison's [if you don't know what I'm talking about, you need to buff up on your rock n' roll history]) I have to say that this band does a good job of making the song their own. It breaks down into another log guitar solo section like the first track and eventually fades into the third track...

...which is an acoustic song. Sort of. It's acoustic guitar, but still has a bass and drums. It sounds like the first song in the way it's written but the acoustic guitar sounds unnatural for the song. Kind of reminds me of a Staind song. Boo-urns.

What makes everything confusing is the last track on this album, which essentially is just a bad punk song complete with three chord breakdown chorus and fast punk beat. It sounds terrible and nothing like any of their other stuff. I can't believe how formulated it is. Just terrible.

Song length averages six minutes on this record. It's got nice cover art. It's just...not very good music overall. They're not talented enough to try the guitar breakdowns that they do. It sounds very tired.