Mad Caddies / Choke / Pulley - live in Winnipeg (Cover Artwork)

Mad Caddies / Choke / Pulley

live in Winnipeg (2004)

live show

lee dawson

The Frostbite Tour used to be called SnoJam, however, the name was changed to avoid confusion with the popular Sno Job Tour.

Anyway, Friday night, the west end cultural centre, Winnipeg. This venue used to be a church and is done up now as a cool venue. It's pretty small and this show was sold out a month before it rolled into town.

I missed Irish Car Bomb because last time they were here with No Use and weren't that great.

Next up was Closet Monster - a band I have not heard before but they seemed pretty solid. I liked their vocals and they seemed to alternate between two guys, one with a more melodic the other with a gruffier voice. They were OK, but nothing worth getting excited about.

Pulley, one of my favorite bands came next. These guys are awesome, releasing great album after great album. They played a fair mix, including runaway, gone, the ocean song and working class whore. I really enjoyed it and the singer was funny, he kinda looked like a punk rock version of snow (of informer fame).

Choke came next after a really short wait, just enough time to grab a beer. They were amazing. I was not a huge fan until tonight. I own "foreword" and "a story to this moral:, both of which they drew from heavily. Their new songs kick ass and they sounded really close to their albums - a good sign. Check out Choke if you can, they are an amazing band.

Lastly, but far from least the kings themselves - The Mad Caddies graced the stage. I love these guys. After seeing them 7 times I still come back for more. I do have to say, however, before reviewing their performance that they seemed a liitle tired, not quite as electric as usual, yet still worth the price of admission on their own. They played stuff off everything, including a really cool reggae medley which included all their reggae songs of their four albums merged into one long, chilling tune. Chuck was his usual beer swilling, spitting, swaggering self. that guy has real charisma and an incredible voice. the horn section was tight as always and bass, guitar and drums were all tight.

There was little banter with the crowd and they did seem a little jaded, however, Chuck seemed to get into more as the show went on and he drank more beer. It seems like they would be a cool bunch of guys to hang out with and party.

They played(in no particular order):

Just One More:

Drinking for Eleven
Last Breath
10 West

Rock the Plank:

Mary Melody
Days away
Weird Beard
All-American Badass

Duck and Cover:

Road Rash
No Hope
Macho Nachos

Quality Soft Core:

Crew Cut Chuck
Big Brother

as you can see a really varied set. Their new album "Just One More" is great. Unfortunately they didn't play preppie girl or wet dog, but hey, it was still a really good time.

Check out this tour if you can. If not, definitely make your way to a mad caddies, choke or pulley show.

0 - Irish Car Bomb(missed them, sorry)
6/10 - Closet Monster
8/10- Pulley
8/10 - Choke
9/10 - Mad Caddies