Day At The Fair - Prelude (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Day At The Fair

Prelude (2004)


If this is just the "Prelude" then PLEASE bring on the main subject matter!

Hey kids do you remember Lanemeyer? Ah, of course you don't, most of you could careless about your roots. Chris Barker former front man of the influential aforementioned has grown up over the past few years and it's apparent on this E.P. from Day At The Fair.

These emotional-power-pop-punk recordings bring a sharp assortment of talent and quality to the table.

Throughout the opening number "Eastern Homes and Western Hearts" Barker's voice consigns in such a laidback catchy that mixes perfectly with drums that demand you tap your fingers on your desk. During the chorus, there's no doubt that you'll be singing along your first time listening as the song fades out -- "Moving on, moving on, moving on..." "The Blame Anxiety" is angry, deep, but maintains a pop sensibility as if Matt Skiba and Dan Andriano were throwing in their two cents during the song process. The moog guided "Friscilla the Traveling Proton" flaunts just how upbeat this trio can get. While on the other side of the spectrum, the closing acoustic tune "Homesick Angel" aided by a female vocalist lets you into their hearts for a ballad-resembling closing.

DATF is filled with candid lyrics, beguiling choruses and charming musicianship. A surprising five song E.P. aptly titled leaves the listener craving a full length that can follow in the footsteps of the promise harnessed here.