Days Like These - Charity Burns Green (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Days Like These

Charity Burns Green (2004)


If the Juliana Theory teamed up with a good lyricist then wised up and realized they weren't rock stars this is the record they would end up releasing.

It's hard to tell that this is a debut release from this group of friends out of Vineland, New Jersey. Vocalist Angel Santiago's voice is mature and commanding, blending the wide range of Brett Detar‘s from the Juliana Theory to the soothing harmonic sounds of former Further Seems Forever front man Jason Gleason. The lyrics that he liberates on "Charity Burns Green" are sincere and passionate as he follows a theme that leans on greed.

"Fix their eyes so they can see / The heartland is turning green. Fix their eyes so they can see / Showing the lives they'll never lead."

The compelling front side of the band is not left alone; his backing counterparts bring a big rock sound not often found in Indie Rock. From the intro to "The Dawning" to the conclusion of "Love Spell" the four musicians that make up the rhythm section relinquish an amazing performance throughout this album's duration. The band has the ability to create a sound that would leave modern rock bands Hoobastank and Incubus quivering in their pants (Preparation: Anxiety, One In One Thousand), then quickly transforming into a styling that gives Brand New a run for their money (Beneath the Surface, Threefold), then touching things up with an acoustic song (In Time) that begs for Matt Pryor to question his strings. Behind all the guitars, bass, and drums is a keyboardist that fits perfectly into the mix and really finalizes this impressive group.

Just about everything from this record is good, from the music itself to the beautiful artwork. The album comes together nicely with a smooth flow, my complaint would be there's no standout track, but there isn't a terrible one either. This is one of the most surprising and energetic releases of 2004 thus far. Be sure to make a spot on your CD rack for Days Like These.